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Webility's mission is bridging the communications gap that separates medical offices from employers and benefit administrators, enabling these parties to more effectively play their roles in minimizing the disruptive impact of injury or illness on an employee's income, vocation, and ability to function in life.

We are committed to speeding the recuperation of ill and injured employees, as well as supporting the continued employability of those who are aging, chronically ill, or who have a functional impairment.

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Webility's objective is to help our customers work more effectively with other involved parties to:

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The major services we currently provide are:

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Webility's clients include:

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Dr. Jennifer Christian

Dear Dr. J,

Your prior post on when the ADA kicks in for workers comp cases generated a lot of interest, but also some confusion and disbelief. Please provide more insight on why and how the ADA affects our other programs.

Alan in Atlanta

Dear Alan,

Based on your note and other comments we received, it’s clear we did surprise some people. Aaron Kopansky from the EEOC and I have put together a succinct and comprehensive summary of the practical implications of the ADA for managing ANY situation that arises when a health issue is affecting an existing employee’s ability to work.   Read more

Dr. J.

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