About Webility

Since our founding in 1999, our small firm has been drawing attention to a hole in the social fabric of North America that creates needless impairment, work absence, job loss, and withdrawal from the workforce among people who are dealing with health conditions.  Our goal is to get people the support they need to remain functional, independent, and able to participate fully in human life, which usually includes work.  Our focus is the gap between the doctor’s office and the workplace.  We help others see how that gap is now harming vulnerable people and wasting resources.  (See diagram at right.)

Too often today, individuals who are struggling to cope with a health condition that is disrupting their lives are left to fend for themselves when it comes to getting good care that restores or preserves their ability to function in life and stay at or return to work.  If they lack the vision, skill, or energy to make the right things happen, they fall through the gap and join the ranks of the unemployed people with disabilities.  Worklessness is an unfortunate outcome with bad consequences for physical, mental, and social health.  For most people, leaving work and going on disability ends up being a life of poverty.  Read more about our philosophy and approach.

We have begun to bridge the gap by helping doctors, employers, benefits payers and other stakeholders across North America establish better communications, a shared vision of what needs to happen in these situations, and collaborative working relationships.  Providing the doctor, the employer, or the individual with appropriate and timely guidance, information, and timely practical services may be all that is required to change an “impossible” situation into a win-win-win solution.

We have become unofficial translators and envoys between professions, stakeholder groups, and sectors of the economy.  We count some of the largest employers, insurers, and government agencies in the USA among our clients.  We are known as thought-leaders, change agents and innovators, altering the way people see things, offering new paradigms and conceptual models. 

We teach people how to apply these new ideas in their own organizations.  We study both front-line and system-wide pocesses to find ways to improve them, recommend or invent new ways of doing things, develop new products and services, and when needed, pilot test them.

Come work with us!  There are many ways to collaborate.  Explore the possibility of becoming a consulting client; invite Dr. Christian to give an inspiring educational presentation or workshop, take one of our on-line courses, use our Maze-Masters service, join the Praxis Partners Consortium, or sign up for our free e-group, the Work Fitness & Disability Roundtable, now with more than 1300 members.  See more details on our projects, products and services.