Ask Dr J

Webility's president, Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH, wrote a set of monthly columns that answered questions on disability-related topics posed by readers.  These appeared in the Disability Management Employer Coalition's monthly Bulletin (  They are also posted on the Work Fitness and Disability Roundtable, an Internet-based email discussion group that Dr. Christian founded and moderates.  Click here to join the Roundtable.

2008 Columns

June   The Challenge of Evidence-based Guidelines
May   Getting Doctors Trained in Disability Management
March   Designated Guessers
February   Are People with Disabilities Good Employees?
January        Growing Down Gracefully

2007 Columns

December   Advice to People Coping with Illness / Injury / Impairment
October   Are We Growing Oldicapped or Lazicapped?
August   New Paradigm for Workers' Comp & Disability Benefits Systems
May   Two Definitions of Disability
March   Interventions for Inadequate or Inappropriate Care
February   Losing Good Employees to Bad Service

2006 Columns

October   Strategies for Incentive Alignment
August   Who Has the Best Expertise in Functional / Vocational Issues?
June   Criteria for Referral to Case Management
May   Managing People at Risk for Delayed Recovery / Prolonged Disability
March   "Customer Service" in Disability Management
February   Firm But Not Hostile; Kind But Not a Sucker
January Ideas to Improve the Stay-at-Work & Return-to-Work Process

2005 Columns

December Pt II.  Evidence-based Clinical Decision-making in Return to Work
November Pt. I  Evidence-based Clinical Decision-making in Return to Work
October ACOEM Survey of Employers & Payers
September Weekly / Monthly Disability Reviews
August Disability Prevention vs. Injury Prevention
July Disability Duration Guidelines
June Money and Politics Fuel US Health Care Cost Increases
May Why Training Line Managers Is Important
April Make Music with What Remains
March Prevent Litigation by Improving Customer Service
February What IS Disability Management?
January   Dealing with Resistance to RTW