Why Payers Support Us

Our fees are paid the same way your medical bills and benefit checks are paid, by your claims payer (usually an insurance company).  We take referrals from physicians or other treating practitioners, employers or benefits payers.  All of our services must be pre-authorized before we get involved.

In general, payers become willing to pay our fees when they see the potential for a win-win solution.  People who feel better need less medical care and sometimes decide they want to go back to work.  Either of these happy outcomes for the person will also reduce costs for payers.  Thus, the win-win -- although it is not guaranteed and may take a while.

People who have had their lives disrupted for a long time may have gotten into such a deep hole it will be hard climbing back out.  But sometimes it can be remarkably fast.  They start looking at their situation from a new perspective.  They decide to start focusing on creating the best life possible, given the realities of their medical situation.  They create their own vision of a better future and a plan to get there.  Worry, resignation, despair, and anger subside and symptoms are no longer as bothersome.

In addition, they learn how to apply non-medical techniques to reduce symptoms and establish a more satisfying everyday routine.  They discover that resuming enjoyable activities improves mood and reduces pain.  Distraction is very effective therapy.  And as a result, their medical problems simply donít bother them as much.  Feeling better means there is less need to seek medical attention.  And some people realize that they need a productive outlet for their energy and want to make a contribution, so they resume their previous career or seek a new one.