Webility's Partner Attraction Plan

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We want to share our partner attraction plan with you so you can quickly figure out whether you want to work with us - and vice-versa.  This plan briefly addresses six questions:

  1. What is Webility's purpose?
  2. What are our core commitments?
  3. What kind of partners does Webility intend to attract?
  4. Who is a perfect partner for Webility?
  5. What can you expect from Webility?
  6. What is it like working together?

What is Webility's purpose?

Webility serves as a catalyst for positive change in the workers compensation and disability benefit systems.

  • We are out to transform the impersonal, inauthentic, superficial, flabby and ineffective features of systems that today tend to focus on benefit administration and dollars.
  • We acknowledge the human dimension - the unspoken reality that communication, motivation, collaboration, and discretionary decisions powerfully influence what happens in the real world - to people as well as pocketbooks.
  • We promote the new work disability prevention model which asserts that:
    • Many lost work days and lost jobs now attributed to injury or illness can be prevented by attending to non-medical issues in any dimension of life that are the actual cause.
    • People coping with illness or injury need prompt and effective medical care that restores, preserves or enhances their ability to function; they also need to be encouraged and actively supported to stay active and keep productive in order to speed recovery and enjoy full participation in human society for as long as possible.
    • Minimizing the disruptive impact of injury, illness, and age on people’s ability to function and work helps keep them economically self-sufficient instead of dependent on benefit programs, and it also enhances the vitality of businesses, the community, and the national economy.

What are Webility's core commitments?

Webility is committed:

  • To preventing needless impairment and work disability and to helping people stay employed;
  • To calling out the courage in others - by demonstrating how kindness, straight communication, and no-nonsense practicality can make these systems work better;
  • To optimizing outcomes of health-related episodes for both the worker and the employer;
  • To equipping employers, healthcare providers, claims/benefit administrators, workers and other stakeholders with knowledge, tools, methods, and skills to communicate and collaborate with each other more effectively;
  • To helping organizations maximize workforce availability, reduce overhead, and increase their effectiveness, productivity and profitability;
  • To guiding individual human beings whose lives have been disrupted by medical conditions how to take care of themselves, get daily life back to normal, and create their best possible future;
  • To growing our revenue through a mixture of thought leadership, teaching, consulting, and innovations in direct service to individuals.

What kind of partners does Webility intend to attract?

We aim to attract companies that are a “perfect fit” for us because it's a daily pleasure working with them.  We say there's a perfect fit if:

  • what we offer is what you want and need;
  • the way we deliver our services and products is what you have been hoping for;
  • our prices are just right.

What kind of partner is a “perfect fit” for Webility?

So far, we have found that people and companies who are a perfect fit for us share some important qualities.  You may be a perfect fit for us if:

  • you are “up to something big” for yourself and for your organization;
  • you see and seize the opportunity for both yourself and your organization in what we do;
  • you are professional and capable, want to do what is right, and are aiming for excellence;
  • you are willing to let us all be human beings who occasionally goof up or drop the ball;
  • you can take the initiative to follow up with us, and can get decisions made timely;
  • you will keep us on the cutting edge by making requests that stretch us and make us grow;
  • you are easy to talk to and fun for us to work with: smart, sensible, and good-humored.

What can you expect from Webility?

In all our relationships, we are also committed:

  • to listening for what you are dealing with;
  • to helping you succeed at what you are up to;
  • to providing support as you make new ideas come to life and really work;
  • to delivering sensible, practical, and thought-provoking services;
  • to being inspiring, trustworthy, stimulating, and a breath of fresh air;
  • to being a good investment since what we do either saves or makes you money;
  • to being great to work with and part of the team.

So, what's it like working together?

We and our perfect partners are each free to be:

  • expert;
  • confident and relaxed;
  • imperfect;
  • trusting and tolerant; and
  • straight-spoken.

And so, these relationships also supply us each with:

  • friends and colleagues;
  • opportunities to make contributions to each other;
  • ways to make a difference that can benefit hundreds, thousands, or millions of people and companies;
  • our mutual prosperity.
Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH
President and Chief Medical Officer
  David Siktberg, MBA
Executive Vice President

printable version (pdf)