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  • Webility provides management consulting services to organizations wanting to adopt the work disability prevention model, develop new products and services to improve outcomes, benchmark and evaluate absence management performance, troubleshoot poor performance situations, and many similar assignments.  Our clients include many of the largest insurance companies, medical practices, employers, government agencies, and auxiliary service providers in the country, but also include many smaller organizations with a will to improve or gain an edge.
  • Dr. Christian has been engaged often for motivational and energizing speaking assignments, as well as teaching workshops.  We also have a comprehensive set of on-line training courses for individuals and organizations that want to build better relationships with other stakeholders, and change the way they do things in order to provide better support to individuals and improve medical, functional, and financial outcomes of health-related employment disruptions.
  • We also offer physician case management services, as well as non-medical coaching and tutoring services directly to a few individuals whose payers have agreed to sponsor them in our Maze-Masters program.
  • Since 2001, Webility has sponsored and Dr. Jennifer Christian has moderated the Work Fitness & Disability Roundtable, a free list-serv on Yahoo Groups that is open to all professionals with an interest in this arena.  Learn more or apply here.
  • Webility is also the home for the Praxis Partners Consortium, a new membership organization that Dr. Jennifer Christian leads.  It is an outgrowth of the 60 Summits Project, an earlier initiative that helped galvanize grass-roots support for transforming loacl environments for preventing needless work disability in nearly 20 states.  The Consortium is a welcoming place for professionals in a wide range of disciplines, roles, and types of organizations — all drawn together by our shared values and an interest in changing things.  Membership is current limited to nominations from the founding members.
  • Praxis Place is the Consortium's private web portal where members can network, learn from, collaborate on projects, and do business with others who have similar values.   Inside the Consortium, we are taking a grass-roots do-it-yourself approach to system change.  We see the status quo as our main competitor.  We are helping each other prepare for the huge opportunities emerging as healthcare and disability systems start defining value in terms of practical outcomes such as improved functional status, total costs, and population results.

Ready to do any of these things?

(We’ve partnered with clients on all of them.)

  • Improve workforce availability by instilling the new work disability prevention model in your organization (Webility’s consulting services).
  • Consistently get episodes off on the right track by setting up a program to educate and address the reasonable concerns of newly injured employees; identify issues needing attention at the same time. (Early Injury Assistance).
  • Identify individual cases needing attention and monitor program and vendor performance by surveying newly injured employees. (Early Satisfaction Surveys).
  • Provide a structured educational and coaching program to employees who have gotten lost in the healthcare & benefits system that identifies and resolves biopsychosocial issues keeping them stuck (Maze-Masters).
  • Educate key physicians to whom you send patients (Webility’s on-line courses and training program management services).
  • Teach your staff how to assess situations and reduce duration of absence in medical episodes (Workshops and on-line courses).