Seasoned, Innovative, Expert Leadership

Webility's founding management team consists of seasoned, innovative, and expert industry insiders.

Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH
President and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Christian is President and Medical Director of Webility Corporation.  Originally trained as a board-certified occupational medicine specialist, she has demonstrated her ability as a leader in a variety of settings and geographic locales.  She has built a foundation of broad expertise during her 20+ year career.  Dr. Christian has designed programs that simultaneously align incentives, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.  She has led successful development and implementation teams.  Perhaps most importantly, she has a common-sense and straightforward way of speaking and writing that educates, inspires, and empowers people with the confidence to first try and then accomplish new things.

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David Siktberg, MBA
Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

Mr. Siktberg is a seasoned executive with broad and deep expertise in both information systems technology and general business management, applied over the last 20 years primarily with organizations providing and using work disability and healthcare services.  His special skill is blending togegther toechnology and business domains so that technology is powerfully applied to support true business needs.  Many recent assignments have involved designing and launching new products and services.  Mr. Siktberg has extensive hands-on experience in designing, building, and maintaining information systems, at all levels and phases of technology deployment, across a wide spectrum of responsibilities, and in a wide range of industries and application types.  Most important to Webility, he has deep hands-on knowledge of most systems involved in Webility's business domain (those of employers, insurers, and doctors), how those systems are used, and their strengths and weaknesses.